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Yang Xiao: Monitoring Systems and the Internet

日期:2018-12-26  稿件来源:  

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:Yang Xiao 教授

工作单位:Department of Computer Science, University of Alabama



Dr. Yang Xiao currently is a Professor of Department of Computer Science at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL, USA. His current research interests include Cyber Physical Systems, Internet of Things, Security, Wired/Wireless Networks, Smart Grid, and Telemedicine. He has published over 200 journal papers and over 200 conference papers. Dr. Xiao was a Voting Member of IEEE 802.11 Working Group from 2001 to 2004, involving IEEE 802.11 (WIFI) standardization work. He is a Fellow of IET. He currently serves as Editor-in-Chief for Cyber-Physical Systems (Journal), International Journal of Security and Networks, International Journal of Sensor Networks, and Journal of Communications. He had (s) been an Editorial Board or Associate Editor for 20 international journals. He served (s) as a Guest Editor for over 20 times for different international journals.


Accountability implies that any entity should be held responsible for its own specific action or behavior so that the entity is part of larger chains of accountability. One of the goals of accountability is that once an event has transpired, the events that took place are traceable so that the causes can be determined afterward. The poor accountability provided by today’s computers and networks wastes a great deal of money and effort. This is due to the simple fact that today’s computing and network infrastructure was not built with accountability in mind. In this talk we introduce our previous work: accountable logging methodology called flow-net. We apply this methodology to many applications ranging from operating system design to computer networks.



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